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The odds of it happening are so far fetched that you end up forgetting the day you decided to make the attempt.

I mean, all the other stuff you come across seem to make up for the failures, so you continue to commit the crime, hoping that this will be the day you find it. Every time you go through a window, kick in a door, or make your way through a crawlspace; the ultimate high is to find the elusive suitcase full of cold cash.

That's what motivates the burglar 90% of the time. It's like I said, when you don't find it- the loose jewellery, guns, televisions, entertainment centres, and all sorts of miscellaneous items -- installs a sense of hope that next time I'll find it, I can feel it.

This is what motivated Al, J Mack, Todd Love, Dex, and his brother Arthur. The five-­man burglary unit were all in the age group of seventeen years old.

Dex was the oldest at seventeen; his brother was fifteen, as were Al and Todd Love. J Mack was the youngest at thirteen. These teenagers were inseparable. Todd Love and Al were somewhat homeless, and they were the ones who initially started doing burglaries. This would soon be introduced to there soon to be homeboys.

This is the story of five boys doing petty crimes, and graduating with honours as the most powerful drug kingpins, to rise out of the ashes of adversity and into record industry moguls.

It was the first night of Todd's homelessness, and he would spend three minutes wondering what he would do to survive. He knew for a fact that he couldn't dwell outdoors in this cold ass weather. The frigid cold was piercing to one's body chemistry. So, what would be the solution to this madness?

Todd's stepfather had just begun to beat his mother again, and he tried in vain to cease the domestic violence that plagued the household for the past two and a half years. It was almost impossible to come to his mother's aid when he could hear the master’s whip crack over the back of the slave. Since he was too small, his stepfather would deliver a series of blows to the so-called hero that would send Todd on the floor with a busted nose or mouth.

This night would be different, very different. His stepfather was missing his forehead due to the gunshot wound from his own 45. Todd killed his stepfather after coming to find his mother with a kitchen floor.

His first thought was to tell the police what had happened, but he never liked police and figured, "Fuck it, I'm on my own anyway."

He packed a bag full of his favourite clothes, and left the hell he called home for the last time. Todd Love showed no signs of emotion as he took his mother's purse and his stepfather's wallet from their dead bodies. The money added up to $162.00 and the first thing he would do was to get himself a room. With $75.00, he'd occupy the room for a week.

He went to school the next day as if nothing happened. Al’s family had been killed in a car accident two years earlier, and he lived at a local orphanage. When Todd came to class, Al asked him if he killed his parents [the news said that Todd was a fugitive].

He told Al what happened, and told him that he needed help to get money together to leave town. Al had nothing to lose, so he left school and went to the middle-class area of Seagate Township; scoping for a house to rob. They entered through a window at the back of the house, and immediately, Todd felt that this was his life. Upon searching frantically for anything of value, Al came out of a room with a handful of jewellery. Todd was elated! They continued to ransack the house. Fifteen minutes later, they left the house with a sack of jewellery, three pistols, and $2,000 cash. Not bad for the first time out!

Todd wanted to leave before he was captured, but Al wanted to raise a little more money before they left. They were undecided on where they were going to go, or how to get the jewellery sold. They spent the next three days trying to find a fence for the goods. Finally, they found an old drunk who listened, and was afraid to cheat the two youngsters with the pistols. They wound up selling eighty-percent of the-stuff for a total of $6,200. They gave the drunk $200.00 and went back to the hotel to plot their next move.

Al decided that one more move like this and they would have enough money to rent an apartment in the next city they would come across. So, the next morning they went to a different middle-class neighbourhood and broke into a nice looking mini-mansion. The outcome was another cash hit and another bundle of jewellery. This time, the jewellery brought close to $20,000.

When they decided to leave the city of Cleveland, Ohio. On their way to the bus station, a police car noticed these two young blacks carrying all these bags, and they became suspicious. They stopped the boys, and began questioning them. Frantic with the fear of being captured, Todd Love broke and ran. This prompted the police to pounce on Al.

Todd had the money and guns in his backpack. He got away and vowed, as he watched his friend Al get beat and arrested, that he wouldn't leave him in jail. After three days of trying to figure out where he was being detained, Todd found out that Al was at a juvenile facility awaiting a court in disguise and listened as his partner was given a $5,000 bail.

"That's no problem," Todd thought to himself.

Todd went to a bail bondsman across the street to find out that there was a slight problem. He didn't have any property to put up as collateral. It would be a difficult task to get Al out. As he entered the establishment, he decided to approach the bail bondsman with $5,000 cash, and beg him to get Al out of jail. The man told Todd to meet him in the alley out back at eleven o'clock that night. Todd was somewhat suspicious of this proposed meeting and was sure to have his guns ready just in case of foul play.

At 10:45 pm he arrived at the alley. It was about five-to-eleven when a car pulled up and the bondsman exited. He had some paperwork with Al's name and arrest number on them-in an act of showing Todd that he had started the processing. As Todd relaxed a little, another man appeared out of the shadows and smashed him over the head with a 2x4, knocking him out cold!

They searched Todd's body and found $15,000 and four pistols. They figured that he was dead, considering the amount of blood loss, and left his body in a dumpster. When Todd awoke, he hated himself for not seeing all of this coming. He'd been robbed for almost everything that he had stashed in his shoe.

He definitely wanted to seek revenge, but his main concern was Al's freedom. The next day, he went to the juvenile facility to inquire when Al's next court date was. He was told that Al was released at nine o'clock the previous night. Now he had to find out where Al was and then they'd leave town.

The first place he looked was the orphanage, and sure enough, Al was there.

They talked about the robbery, and was determined to get the money back. With that, they went to the bail bondsman's office with two baseball bats. When they entered the building, the guy who had set Todd up broke and ran to the back office. When he came back, he was strapped with a .45 and shot Todd in the leg. Upon impact, Todd fell and AL grabbed him and dragged him out. They rushed to a clinic around the comer to patch Todd up.

By the end of the night, they were on a bus to Los Angeles with $4,700 and dreams of better days.
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